We offer a wide variety of services at Kemp’s Guns. One of the most common questions we are asked is, “Do you do bluing”. The answer is no, but we offer some other really nice coating services. Bluing has a lot of environmental oversight that we just aren’t interested in pursuing. The coatings we do offer are Duracoat and Parkerizing. While neither will give you the true look of an old blued gun, both can offer a new finish to a worn out gun. Below is more information on the services we offer.

Retail Sales:
What most customers see when they walk through our doors is our retail sales area. We sell new and used guns of all types, ammunition, and a limited selection of parts and accessories. If you don’t see what you are looking for just ask. We are happy to order any gun or accessory available for our customers.

As a Class III Dealer, we are qualified to transfer most items, including suppressors. Our Fees for a transfer of a handgun or long gun is $25.00. To transfer a supressor or other Class III item, please call for pricing.

Gun Repair:
We are one of the few gunsmiths in our area. We work on a variety of repairs from minor fixes to major restoration jobs. Every gun and every job is different. Internet research may say that a sight is a “simple drop in” but experience may have shown us otherwise. We will look at your gun when you come in and discuss with you what the possible problem may be, the plan for repair, or any insights we may have on installation of after market accessories. Once the plan is finalized, we will give you an estimate of the cost of labor and/or parts.

We are a certified Duracoat Finisher. Don’t let the At Home Kits fool you, Duracoat application takes the proper tools and knowledge. We have fixed plenty of home Duracoat jobs in our time. Prices depend on the number of colors, items/parts of gun to be coated, and the complexity of the pattern. For a list of available colors or patterns stop by our shop for a booklet, ┬ávisit Lauer Weaponry or browse through our Solid, Pattern, Camouflage, or Stripe Duracoat photo albums. One other great aspect of Duracoat is the ability to Durafill pitting on firearms. A firearm that has pitting can easily be made to look new again through a durable fill process.

It’s a hot job but we do it! We are set up to parkerize firearms in our shop. Because it is such a hot job and space consuming, we try to bundle our parkerizing jobs together. If you are interested in having your firearm parkerized, stop by and see us for more information.